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Lunafancy is a beauty lifestyle specialty shop, showcasing a carefully curated list of premium beauty gadgets and accessories for home use. We believe in promoting femininity alongside with technology; our product collections are designed to empower women for greater achievements while looking and feeling their best.


Our Mission


 Redefine Real Beauty

We believe that beauty resonates through multiple levels, it encompasses the state of the mind, the health of skin all the way from a cellular level to the surface of the skin, the health of body and hair. It’s time we got smarter about it.


Beauty Expertise + Innovative Technology

As curators, we combine deep expertise in beauty with innovative technology to streamline the most efficient and long lasting holistic self care regimes.


Educate + Empower

We believe that true empowerment comes from knowledge, and strive to bring beauty insights to our community. Our curated collections are designed to empower women for greater achievements. Having your own beauty salon at home to make you look your best at every age.


THEA Home Beauty 



Our Pillars

Age Prevention: We take a preventative approach to care for your skin on a cellular level — with the most effective non-invasive solutions.

Cleansing: The foundations of beauty are built on a clean palette. We curated the most efficient and effective solutions to streamline your beauty regime.

Wellness: We believe that beauty resonates on multiple levels, and take a holistic approach to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Hair Care: Curated solutions to care for your hair from the roots to the ends. Go deep into the follicles with our scalp treatments, hair loss prevention, and hair removal remedies.

Styling: The most visible part of holistic beauty is the last step: Let your inner and outer beauty shine with the savviest tools in styling.


Our Promise


Innovative Technologies

We strive to bring you the latest in clinically tested, innovative breakthroughs in beauty and technology.

Expert Curation

The most effective products hand curated by our savvy experts. Streamline your most efficient self-care and beauty routine.

Holistic Care

We believe in beauty beyond the skin, and take a holistic approach to wellness. We deliver an intimate learning experience with life long benefits.